Saturday, September 27, 2014

C4KSummary for September

C4K Post #1:
My first C4K post was to Efilona in New Zealand. Her post was a drawing of a mascot for the New Zealand Common Wealth Games. She explained why she drew it with a Wiki face. This is the first people to inhabit New Zealand. For my comment, I told her I loved her drawing and that the Wiki face encouraged me to find out more information about the topic.

C4K Post #2:
For my second C4K post, I was under the impression that we were to do both posts in the same week to the same student so I again posted to Efilona. This post was about her weekend and how she went to the mall and saw the movie Frozen. I explained to her that I also have seen Frozen and that she keep up the good work with her blog.

C4K Post #3:
For my last C4K post of the month I had Sean. His blog is all about baseball. He recapped the current playoff situation in the latest post. I couldn't help but comment about my favorite team, the Yankees and of Jeter retiring. I also told him good job and good luck to his playoff team.
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