Friday, September 19, 2014

Blog Post #5

PLN Summary

man with lines connecting his topics to himself
I have never heard of the concept of PLNs before this class, but as I began looking through the text and videos on the subject, I realized how valuable this networking could be.  PLNs or Personal Learning Networks are the resources and people you gather and use to ask questions, collaborate with, and learn from.  Using tools such as Twitter or following blogs on a topic of interest is a great way to find other educators from around the country or the world.  This gives you the chance to discover new ways to improve your classroom.
I have begun working on my own PLN.  I looked into using Netvibes and I have loved it.  Here I have begun to organize all of the information I find.  My Twitter feed is front in center, which allows me to quickly see all the tweets from the educators I have started to follow.  I have also added an RSS feed of Edutopia.  I am looking forward to finding more resources and people to add to my PLN and continuing my education journey.

screenshot of the dashboard of my personal Netvibes account


  1. Kellie,
    I also had never heard of a Personal Learning Network before this class. I started using Symbaloo and I like how everything is organized so that I will have all of my resources into one place. I like how you have your Netvibes homepage picture for us to see. Great job making it organized! I also agree with you that our PLN's will grow with many more resources as our careers blossom and it will be very beneficial to us to always have these resources and contacts. Again, good job on this blog post!

  2. Create and make use of your PLN. You will be glad you did!