Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post #6

What I Learned From Conversations With Anthony Capps

Video #1 and #2 Project Based Learning Part 1 and 2: The first two videos discussed project based learning and how it works in the classroom. It was interesting to hear how the students enjoyed using the projects to learn and how engaged they were in they learning process. I learned that part of the reason they were so engaged was because peer review was an essential part of the process. Allowing them to review the work helped the students have an investment in how the projects turn out. I also learned that project based learning is effective because students are allowed choice. Having a choice makes them excited to learn. When the students have a choice they also take pride and ownership in their project.

Video #3 icurio: In the third video I learned about icurio and how it can be used in the classroom. Icurio is a search engine that is safe for all students to use. The results from a search are filtered to allow only relevant content that does not have anything questionable. The search engine includes a feature that gives students a chance to practice virtual organization. They can drag and drop information they are working on into folders they have created for later use.

Video #4 Discovery Education: In this video I learned about Discovery Education. This program gives students and teachers a chance to add another component to text. For example, a teacher can show students pictures to accompany a text they are reading. Students can also use the program to find video information on a project they are researching.

Video #5 The Anthony-Strange Tips for Teachers: In this video on tips for teachers, I learned that as a future teacher, I need to be able to think on my feet. Project and lessons that I create will not always go as planned and I need to be able to adjust the plan on the fly. I also learned that a teacher must be a lifelong learner. We will never know everything and we must have a passion to want to continue to learn. Teachers need to allow for time for reflection. This gives you a chance to change things that might have not worked well in a lesson. Finally, I learned that we need to think of ways that will motivate all students to learn.

Video #6 Use Tech-Don't Teach It: In the sixth video, I learned that is important to scaffold the use of technology in your lessons so the students have a chance to practice a particular program or search engine. The biggest message I learned from this particular conversation is to have students use the technology and do not just teach it to them. They need the skills for later on in life.

Video #7 Additional Thoughts about Lessons: The final video contained a last thought about teaching. This thought that lessons should contain four layers. The first is what you will cover in a year. The second is what you will cover in a single unit. The third is what will be covered in a week and finally what you will cover in a single day.

Overall, the videos taught me a great deal about how to implement project based learning in the classroom and the wonderful results you will see in the students when you implement this type of teaching. It also gave me insight as to what a teacher might expect in the classroom and gave some wonderful tips on how to be a successful teacher.
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  1. Kelly,
    I really enjoyed Mr. Capp's videos as well. Although I am still learning about Project Based Learning, I am so glad that Dr. Strange is introducing us to these videos so we can better ourselves as educators and better our future classroom. I had never heard of iCurio, but I believe it will be something I will use in my classroom. You did a great job on your post!
    Ashlyn Hubbard