Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blog Post #3

Summary of Peer Editing

symbols needed for editingWhen it comes to editing a peer's work I learned several ways to make the process effective and useful. To begin with peer editing is the process of working with someone around your age or perhaps in your class to improve or revise their writing. When it comes to the process of editing it is important to remember to stay positive when giving critiques of someone else's work. It is always hard for someone to hear their work needs to be changed or fixed and being positive will make the peer more willing to listen to your remarks. As the editor, make sure to give compliments by starting with the things you liked about the work. For example, you may think they have a great thesis or you like the way they organize their writing. Finding things that are done well makes telling someone about things that need to be changed easier. Next, make sure to give specific suggestions. No one can benefit from vague ideas like you are lacking details. Instead suggest ideas for adding specific details in the paragraph. Finally, as the editor, you want to make corrections. Look for things like spelling errors or punctuation errors as well as sentence structure problems. If you follow all of these steps, you will become a very effective peer editor.


  1. Good job! I agree with what you said about be careful on how you judge someone else's work, beacuse some people may get very upset on how you judge them.

  2. Good post. Don't forget that each blog post is required to have working links, though!