Sunday, November 30, 2014

C4T #4

For my final C4T teacher, I chose the blog US History Teachers Blog.  This blog has a lot of useful posts that contain links to differnet historical topics.  For the post I commented on, the idea of how to study was discussed.  I explained that this was a great resource.  I think it is important as educators to help students learn how to study and how to learn and research new information.  I also made sure to comment on how useful the links on the blog were.

The next post I read was about using Quizlet in the classroom.  In my comment, I mentioned how I have used Quizlet in the past for my own studying purposes and that using it in the classroom is a great idea.  I also explained that I liked the idea of using the game option.  I feel that this would help students learn the information and that this is a tool that they will be able to use in future learning endeavors.
chalkboard with the letters c4t on it

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