Thursday, November 20, 2014

C4K Summary for November

For the start of November, my first C4K student is Mustafa.  In this post, I read how Mustafa enjoys writing.  Mustafa explained that writing is fun because you can use your imagination and write anything you would you like.  For my comment, I explained that I agree with the idea that writing is fun. I also encouraged Mustafa keep up writing.

My second student for this month was Caitlin.  For her post, she explained the art project she made for her product design.  It was a small, grey coin purse that had a horseshoe stiched on the front and a "C" stiched on the back.  I told her how her design turned out wonderful.  I liked the creativity of the horseshoe and "C".  I also told her how her post did a great job of explaining her design.

My final student for EDM310's C4K was Pablo.  In his blog post, he wrote about Halloween and how he enjoyed dressing up and getting candy.  He also asked his readers how they liked Halloween and do if we think that you can be too old to go trick-or-treating.  My reponse was that Halloween is fun and the candy is great.  I also told him that dressing up is always fun, but you can be too old to go door to door for candy.

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