Thursday, November 6, 2014

C4T #3 Summary

For my third C4T teacher, I had Mrs. Hadley.  She is a middle school teacher with a blog called Middle School Matrix.  The first post I commented on was great.  At the beginning of the year, she asked students to write down what they think their challenge would be for the upcoming school year. After that, she gave each student three sticky notes and asked them to write down what superpowers they would have.  The students than placed the sticky notes on a bulletin board. The answers were great.  Some wanted to understand things quickly and others wanted to be great spellers.  In my comment, I told Mrs. Hadley that I really felt like this project showed us that students are people just like us with fears.  I explained that I felt like we forget that the students face pressures too.

My second post on Mrs. Hadley's blog was in regards to her "Identity Projects."  At the beginning of the school year she had her students sit quietly and think for four minutes.  The students were amazed at what they were able to think of in that time.  For me, the one thing that truly stood out was the last sentence of the blog.  Mrs. Hadley said, "I love what students do when given choice and a personal connection."  That sentence to me summed up everything we have been discussing throughout the semester.  For my comment and I had to address that statement.  I explained that I agreed with her sentence and that her "Identity Projects" showed how true that statement is.

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