Sunday, October 5, 2014

C4T#2 Summary

C4T#2 Post 1 Summary:

My second teacher blog is called Speaking of History. The first post I read was called "Creating Videos to Keep in Touch with Students While Away." This was a great post that showed how creating simple videos is a great way to give students directions on assignments and show them interesting information while the teacher is out. The author of the post, Mr. Langhorst, visited Mt. Vernon. His video gave the students a sort of virtual field trip of the site. My comment made reference of this idea. I loved how he gave his students something tangible when discussing history and also gave them a chance to see a historical site with the students never having left the classroom.

In the second post from Mr. Langhorst, he discusses a project called Teach Teardown.  This is a really interesting idea.  He brought pieces of technology, such as cd players that do not work anymore, and had his students break them apart to see what was inside.  He explains that his students were really excited about the project and really created some engaged conversations within the group.  For my comment, I explained that I felt like this was interesting idea and that it gives the students a chance to use and practice their observation skills.

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