Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Post #9

What can Teachers and Students Teach us about Project Based Learning?

When it comes to project based learning, students and teachers provide a lot of information.  Through the article, Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning and the video, Project Based Learning for Teachers, the basics of project based learning was covered.  The essentials include having a driving question, allowing students to have a voice, beginning with an "entry event", using 21st technology, grouping students to work on a project, and the chance to receive feedback and edit one's work.

From teachers, we learn how to effectively use project based learning in the classroom.  For example, the articles Project Based Learning and Physical Education and Project Based Learning in PE, we see that this type of learning can be used in any subject in school.  Both of these articles showed an example of high school students creating physical education programs for middle school students.  The teachers spoke of how proud the students were to know that their programs were being used by other students and how it taught the high school students that being active is the way to staying fit.

From students, we see just how engaged they become when using project based learning.  In the video PBL-High School Math we see students who might not find math interesting engaged in their learning.  In this example, students create their own game and than use the outcomes to learn about probability. The students themselves said the projects were fun and made learning the concept much easier.

Overall, it is shown by teachers and students that project based learning can provide effective, meaningful, and engaged learning in the classroom.  While it may be a departure from the traditional classroom lesson, project based learning is reaching a wide range of goals and successes in learning.
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  1. Hello Kellie! I think that you could have gone a little bit more in depth with the seven essentials for project based learning. If I were somebody new reading your blog I would not know what the 7 essentials were. I like how you summarized the math project based learning that one provided an example so I understood what it is was saying.