Monday, October 20, 2014

C4KSummary for October

For my C4K Post #4, I had Joyce from Mrs. Tharp's class.  Her post was very well written.  She wrote about what would improve her school year and she had some great insight.  She wanted to have e-books added instead of textbooks and she also wanted to have a counselor in the school for the students to talk to.  I used  my comment to tell her that she did a great job writing and I hoped her school would indeed get e-books.

My C4K Post #5, was by Claire. Her post presented her case as to why she thought kids should not loose recess for having bad behavior. This was a really great post. Claire used facts from and The National Institute of Health. I was impressed that she cited her work and used such great facts.

My C4K Post #6 was by a student named Madison. Madison used her blog to talk about how to babysit. This was a fun post to read. Her ideas on how to babysit showed she knew a great deal about watching babies. My comment to her was how knowledgable she sounded and that I liked her perspective on how to stay positive about babies even though they cry a lot.

C4K Post #7 is the last post for the month, and my child was Faauiga.  Her post was great.  She told of what she did over her New Year's holiday.  It was an interesting read because she spent the day swimming her mother and family at the beach.  For my comment, I made sure to tell her that the beach is something we do not think of doing on our New Year's holiday.
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